Young Proposes Further Cuts to Richmond Schools Budget, Including Two Jobs Kamras Says Needed for Rebuilding Wythe | Richmond Local News

In an interview last week, Young said he opposed funding the two construction posts because of doubts he had about the administration’s work so far on prioritizing Wythe, rebuilding of Woodville Elementary School and plans for a new technical education center.

“The administration has been slow to follow the construction process. There’s no other way to describe it,” Young said in an interview last week. “Before authorizing expenses for more people, I want to see the results that our new positions have delivered.”

In response to questions about Young’s comments, a school division spokesperson disputed Young’s assertion that the administration was moving slowly.

“Given that at this time last year there was no question of RPS even building its own schools and the RPS School Building Office did not exist, I would say the administration has done enough quickly,” said Sarah Abubaker, Division Director. communications and media relations.

While the school board hasn’t reached consensus on any of the budget cuts proposed by Young, some of the cuts may be necessary if Mayor Levar Stoney’s budget proposal for the city doesn’t include an additional $22 million for the district. school.

Kamras said the request for a 12% increase in the city’s contribution for this year is necessary in large part because of a planned $7 million drop in state funding under the local composite index, a formula the state uses as a measure of a locality’s ability to cover tuition.

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