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By Paola Scalabrino and Kirsten RingsingCharter partners and brokers, YACHTZOO

JThe yachting industry has grown significantly in recent years, accelerated by the pandemic, which has seen an increasing number of some of the world’s wealthiest people turn to yacht charters. And this year, the yachting industry is poised for further growth, as the world’s wealthiest seek luxurious vacations on the water following COVID fatigue and unprecedented wealth growth.

There is a growing demand for yachts for charter and yachts for sale. According to Global order book 2022, published annually by BOAT International, there are currently 1,024 yacht projects under construction or on order, a 24.7% increase over last year, placing unprecedented demand on shipyards. Indeed, many yacht owners will wait several years to receive a new yacht, which has created a surge in demand for yachts for sale through brokers from those who do not want to wait for extended lead times..

The number of those choosing to charter a yacht has also increased, with global yacht brokers reporting that new charter clients now account for around 40% of the luxury yacht charter market.

A luxury yacht provides a safe, exclusive and self-contained sanctuary at sea from which to explore the world’s best yachting destinations. Aboard an extravagant yacht, the world’s wealthiest can enjoy complete privacy with the assurance that the highest health and safety standards are met. Today’s luxury yachts offer all the amenities of a luxury hotel, including lavish spas, gyms, movie theaters, swimming pools, beach clubs, toys and tenders, as well as five-star service provided by dedicated and highly trained crews.

YACHTZOO has been helping the world’s most discerning yachting enthusiasts charter yachts for over a decade.

What expertise does YACHTZOO bring to the yacht market?

YACHTZOO is a specialist yacht broker offering the full range of yachting services including yacht sales and management, charter and new build management. Our service is bespoke and discreet, and we pride ourselves on being different from other yacht brokers by putting the client first. We value personal relationships over quick wins and get to know each of our clients on an ultra-personal level, helping to deliver a lasting fit between owner and superyacht.

We started in 2007 with the aim of revolutionizing the yachting industry by improving the customer journey. We combine proven methods with unique and creative solutions that deliver the ultimate superyacht experience. Whether a client is looking to charter a yacht, acquire a superyacht or seek bespoke yacht management services, he or she trusts our in-depth knowledge, expertise and passion for excellence.

We are constantly learning and growing as a team, with offices located today in the most reputable yachting centers in the world. As a company, we go where our yachting customers want us to go.

What does chartering a yacht involve?

There are several steps involved in chartering a yacht, and working with an experienced yacht broker can ensure an effortless process. By asking the right questions at the start of charter trips and really getting to know our clients, our brokers ensure seamless sailing experiences.

The main issues to consider before chartering a yacht are the type – such as a motor yacht, a sailing yacht or an expedition yacht – and the size of the vessels the clients require, the location of the world they want to explore, the onboard amenities they want and the types of experiences they hope to have. Delivery time can also make a big difference. With high rental demand, the most sought-after yachts are often booked months in advance.

We have witnessed a change in the types of charter yachts in demand over the past few years. Since the pandemic, we have seen an increase in multi-generational family vacations, which means larger superyachts are increasingly in demand. The world’s wealthiest are now much more focused on wellness at sea, so charter yachts with onboard gyms, spas, personal trainers and chefs with in-depth knowledge of global cuisines are all big draws. Finally, there is a growing trend to sail to destinations off the beaten track, such as Antarctica, which makes exploration yachts particularly popular. Whatever clients are looking for in their charter experiences, our yacht brokers are dedicated to making them happen.

We are entering the yachting season in the Mediterranean. What are some of the best yachting destinations?

The Mediterranean has everlasting appeal with yacht charterers and is an established blue water paradise with the best yachts in the world.

Paradises like Greece, the French Riviera and Italy, especially along the Amalfi Coast, are considered among the best yachting destinations. The spectacular Greek islands, including the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Sporades, offer something for everyone, while the French Riviera attracts charterers looking for unlimited levels of luxury, with popular ports of call such as Monaco and Saint Tropez. The exquisite Amalfi Coast, with its breathtaking scenery, picturesque towns and award-winning restaurants, attracts those seeking refined experiences on one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world.

In addition to these Mediterranean hotspots, we are also seeing an increasing number of yacht charterers choosing to sail to alternative ports of call, such as Croatia and Montenegro.

Yachts sought after for charters in the Mediterranean include the 46 meter Lurssen M/Y LUCY III. She offers a wealth of amenities that make her ideal for cruising the Mediterranean, such as ample deck space equipped with a hardtop sunshade, sun loungers and a Jacuzzi. She can accommodate up to 10 people and includes a crew of 10.

For sailing enthusiasts, the 53 meter S/Y DRUMBEAT is one of the most popular charter vessels to explore some of the best yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. This superb vessel is dedicated to performance, entertainment and leisure and is one of the most modern sailboats on the charter market and the fastest sailing ketch in the world. Among her many features are an oversized swim platform, a flybridge solarium, a spacious aft deck, spacious and luxurious cabins for up to 11 people and a range of water toys guaranteeing fun on the water.

Besides the Mediterranean, where else in the world do wealthy individuals charter a yacht?

Yacht charterers are increasingly looking for destinations off the beaten track and avoiding traditional blue water paradises (although they remain incredibly popular).

Destinations such as the South Pacific, including French Polynesia and the Solomon Islands, are growing in popularity as charterers seek to explore more exclusive and private paradise destinations. Here, yacht charterers can take their pick from postcard-perfect white-sand beaches lapped by some of the bluest waters on the planet or explore lush tropical rainforests.

Although these destinations do not offer the same choice of amenities ashore, this does not affect yacht charterers aboard the world’s most exclusive superyachts, as everything they desire – from cuisine from world-class to state-of-the-art spas – can be found on their yachts.

One of our most popular yachts for cruising in French Polynesia is the M/Y SURI, a substantial 63 meter luxury yacht. This exploration yacht features a high level of amenities, including a helicopter with a commercially certified helipad, an observation lounge with a glass floor, voluminous interiors with floor-to-ceiling windows, seven beautifully appointed cabins that can be configured for up to 12 guests, wellness center, hot tub, great selection of tenders and toys and a crew of 20.

Other top destinations when chartering a yacht include Antarctica, South America and Patagonia, the Galápagos Islands and Costa Rica, thanks to recent amendments to their marina laws.


Paola Scalabrino is a partner and charter broker at YACHTZOO. She brings over 20 years of experience in the yachting industry. Passionate about sailing, she spent six months cruising the waters of the Mediterranean Sea aboard a classic motor yacht. Paola holds a doctorate in law from the University of Milan and is fluent in several languages.

Kirsten Ringsing is a partner and charter broker at YACHTZOO. She started her career in yachting in 1992, after a successful career in art and diplomacy. Kirsten’s involvement in working with dignitaries at the highest levels of government and society ensures that she handles charter applications with the utmost skill, professionalism and diplomacy.

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