Woman describes fleeing ‘huge’ flames at NW Side apartment complex


SAN ANTONIO – People who live in an apartment complex on the northwest side found themselves running for their lives after a building burned down early Tuesday morning.

The fire started in building number 17 of the complex, located in the 1300 block of Gardina.

Eventually, he consumed all eight apartments in the building and threatened to damage others nearby.

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“All of a sudden I heard ‘boom, boom, boom’ at the neighbor’s house,” said Janie Ruiz. “(I’ve heard people say) ‘Fire! The building is on fire!

Ruiz, who actually lives two buildings away from the one that was on fire, feared his house would catch fire as well.

All eight units in the building were destroyed. (News KSAT 12)

She put on some clothes, then jumped into her car, calling to warn neighbors on the way.

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“The flames were, like, huge. I mean, the building was bursting into flames, ”she said. “It was super scary. Oh my God. I was shaking, I was praying to the Lord.

Firefighters, meanwhile, were working to prevent his fears from materializing.

They fought to keep the fire from spreading to the buildings on either side.

Fire Chief Charles Hood arrived at the scene and spoke to members of the media, saying it appeared everyone in the building had escaped unharmed.

He said a man had to be examined by paramedics for minor smoke inhalation.

“We also have another pregnant female who is due to give birth tomorrow. And so she’s just excited about it, ”Hood said.

This woman was taken to hospital by ambulance as a precaution.

Two other people told KSAT12 that they had to jump from their second-story balcony to escape the fire.

They do not appear to have suffered any serious injuries.

Hood said it was too early to determine the cause of the fire.

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Even after the flames were extinguished, he said there was still a danger of what was left of the building itself.

An exterior wall, Hood said, was unstable from the fire.

“This wall is tilting,” he said. “This is probably one of the most dangerous times for us as firefighters due to the instability of the building.”

Hood said firefighters will keep everyone away from the structure for now.

The people who lived in the apartment building, however, could not have made it home anyway.

All the apartments were destroyed.

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