Veteran takes action to build affordable housing – NBC 7 San Diego

Joseph Lewis, who is a developer and participated in Operation Desert Storm, is building affordable housing in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of San Diego.

The development will be six units dedicated to housing low-income families and homeless veterans.

“I really saw a need because being a homeless veteran myself after going overseas and serving my country in Desert Storm only to come back being homeless and living in my car, didn’t have everything. just doesn’t make sense, so someone has to do something, so it might as well be me, Lewis said.

According to a recent state audit, California is taking too long to provide affordable housing.

“The rapid creation of affordable housing is critical because more than 1.4 million low-income California renter households lack access to affordable housing,” said California State’s Acting Auditor Michael Tilden.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria announced in early March “Bridge to Home,” which provides partial funding for affordable housing projects.

The Lincoln Park development in Lewis is expected to be completed in March 2023.

“We help, we make money, but helping someone at the same time helps me sleep better at night for sure,” Lewis said.

Lewis plans to bring more affordable housing to San Diego in the future.

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