Ukraine-Russia War Breaking News: Kyiv rocked by explosions and gunfire as Kremlin forces approach

Ukrainian lawmaker and tech executive Kira Rudik reiterated her intention to bear arms against Russian troops entering Kiev in a television interview early Saturday local time, stressing that the country’s leaders should show citizens how to act on behalf of Ukrainian troops.

“If you had asked me three days ago that I carry arms, I would tell you like adamantly no, and we would have an argument,” she said in an appearance on MSNBC. “And now I have Kalashnikov.”

Her remarks came after she posted a short statement Friday, showing an image of her holding an automatic rifle.

“Learning to use #Kalashnikov and preparing to bear arms. Seems surreal because just a few days ago this would never have occurred to me,” she wrote on Twitter. “Our #women will protect our soil the same as our #men. Come on #Ukraine!” She had earlier said in a CNN interview that nearby explosions rattled her windows in Kyiv.

Ukraine has urged its civilians to resist Russian forces in various ways, such as making molotov cocktails, which are usually glass bottles filled with flammable materials that function like hand grenades. About 18,000 weapons have been distributed in the Kyiv region, according to the Ukrainian government.

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