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WEATHERFORD – Progress continues to be made on the East Loop, with Parker County Commissioners approving a construction management and inspection contract for part of Phase II on Monday.

Phase II extends from US Highway 180 to Farm-to-Market Road 730.

“The current budget we had for construction phase services for this phase is $862,000,” said Chris Bosco of engineering firm Freese & Nichols, noting that the proposed amount is $822,000. $800.

The amount of construction previously approved by the commissioners was $9.6 million, with the contractor anticipating a June start date.

Earlier today, Bosco provided an update on the other phases of the loop, including Phase III of 730 at Upper Denton Road, which is approximately 85% complete.

“The roads are paved, the shoulders are in place and the bridges are complete,” he said, noting that the final elements such as grass, pavement markings and railings are in class.

Phase IV, from Upper Denton to FM 51, is approximately 35% complete, with bridge, culvert and excavation work underway.

Drivers may have already noticed the traffic lights on the 180, with work being done on a left turn lane as the right has already been completed. Bosco said all signals will be put into flash mode soon enough.

Precinct 3 commissioner Larry Walden asked if they planned to wait and open all three parts.

“We have debated that, Bosco said, noting that 180 will be open to local traffic with homes on the road.

He added that traffic lights will need to be in flash mode for three to five days, with TxDOT coming to review the signal this week, and should be fully operational in about a month.

Work on Kelly Road includes grass placement, paving completed and project approximately 95% complete. FM 51 went into service a few weeks ago, and Bosco said the signal at the intersection of 1st and 5th streets will need to be operational, as there are only stop signs at this time.

The Pojo Road intersection has the last remaining work to do, with Bosco saying they are debating waiting until after school for the summer to complete it.

“It’s beautiful, it’s really nice, but now they’re talking about the other side up there,” said Enclosure 1 commissioner George Conley.

Regarding FM 113, Bosco said they had submitted final plans but needed to update the environmental document.

“So we still don’t know when this project will be finished, do we? Walden asked, as the original document was submitted a few years ago.

Bosco said the project is currently in the funding category for 2024, and if the environmental update is submitted soon, that date could be brought forward.

“Most of the utilities have been moved, but there’s a residential gas line there that hasn’t been moved,” Walden said. “For the record, that’s six years after they told us it would be done – 2018 was the original funding date.”

Commissioners also unanimously approved on Monday a traffic study on U.S. Highway 199 at Old Agnes and Salt Creek Road, the subject of which was raised between Bosco and Conley following numerous crashes in those areas.

Old Agnes is part of the bond program and was submitted in 2016 for road safety funds – this specific project was not selected.

“TxDOT recommended that if the county does a study and identifies what needs to be done at these intersections, we would work with them to fund these intersections,” Bosco said.

Conley said the project is actually split between Precincts 1 and 2, both of which have been working to improve these intersections for years.

The initial amount was $710,000, intended to be the full partnership project with TxDOT. To date, no funds have been spent. The amount approved Monday for the traffic study was $47,900, which includes the two intersections.

Commissioners on Monday also:

• Heard an update from Komatsu Architects regarding interior repairs at the Courthouse now that the chiller has been moved to the Emergency Operations Building property.

Architect Charlie Kearns said they were taking humidity readings inside the courthouse and planned to put out tenders for all interior repairs.

“We had additional damage on the third floor,” he noted, referring to the southwest corner ceiling. The chiller, which was not designed to be indoors, had created humid conditions, allowing air and water to enter the building.

The county approved a production and administration fee to Komatsu in the amount of $7,520.

Kearns added that they will also work with the court schedule, as the Law 2 County Court courtroom is expected to be closed during the repair.

• Approved the renewal of an interlocal agreement between the Parker County Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Aledo for police protection. Sheriff Russ Authier said the city also requested the purchase of a Ford Explorer from his office. The vote included retaining the three MPs who currently serve the region.

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