The large office building in the old town could be converted into a residence

1101 King St., a large office building in the heart of Old Town Alexandria with retail on the ground floor, could be transformed into a 210-unit residential building.

The building occupies more than two-thirds of the city block bounded by King, North Henry (Highway 1 South), Cameron, and North Fayette streets.

The building was built in the 1980s and was renovated in 2017. It includes a spacious interior atrium and several floors of offices. The ground floor includes The Fresh Baguette (which opened earlier this year) in addition to a deli, eye doctor, and Orange Theory fitness center. The building also has a conference center on the upper floors and a rooftop terrace.

According to the Special Use Permit Application, “The existing building on the property is an aging condominium office building and has struggled to retain tenants over the years. The building is approximately 80% vacant due to from its condominium office status, it is difficult to bring the office space to a Class A condition. A major challenge to the building’s occupancy is the recessed terrace design which creates an inefficient floor plate for office use, however it has an excellent layout for conversion to residential use.Residential use is complementary to the neighborhood and important to the continued revitalization of retail along King Street.

The building is one of many being converted from office use to residential use both in Alexandria and across the country as the pandemic has upended office culture and accelerated the acceptance of arrangements home work.

The building has an above ground parking garage, but the building was built in the 1980s and parking requirements have changed since it was built. Since “certain parking stalls, driveways and other elements of the existing garage may not meet current parking design standards, the building owners are requesting a reduction in required parking.

by the team at Alexandria Living magazine

May 04, 2022

5:15 p.m.

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