Tesla is quietly building another virtual power plant in Japan

It looks like Tesla’s energy business is booming. In a recent blog post, Tesla Japan shared some information about its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in Miyakojima, located in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. The EV maker has included a video that showcases some key insights from owners who are part of the VPP program.

Started in 2021, the Miyakojima Virtual Power Plant has exceeded 300 households. As noted by Tesla, the system is the first commercial use of Powerwall home batteries for a virtual power plant in Japan. It would also be one of the nation’s largest commercial VPPs using home storage batteries when fully completed.


Similar to other VPPs that Tesla has implemented, the Powerwall batteries installed in Miyakojima’s VPP could provide backup power to the grid when needed. In Miyako Island, for example, Powerwall batteries help the island stabilize its power. Home batteries also allow residents to have power when electricity is not available, such as when typhoons hit.

Tesla’s video of the Miyakojima Virtual Power Plant featured several Powerwall owners, some of whom pointed out that the area attracts significant numbers of tourists each year. With this in mind, having an uninterrupted power supply even in the event of a grid failure is invaluable. “During typhoons, lights are available, refrigerators are usable as usual. What’s better than that?” said a Powerwall owner.

Other Powerwall owners have noted that the idea of ​​sharing stored energy with each other as a community is something quite noble. Other than that, using home battery units like Powerwalls helps to protect the environment. With the increasing use of renewable energy, some Powerwall users in the region are optimistic about the possibility of restoring nature around the island, including the oceans.

Tesla Energy is a sleeping giant. Elon Musk has said the same thing in the past when he noted that Tesla Energy could very well be bigger than the company’s automotive business. While Tesla Energy still tends to take a back seat to the company’s EV division, it’s making a lot of headway. Just recently, for example, about 2,600 owners of Tesla’s California VPP helped the state’s grid by providing up to 18 MW of electricity.

Watch a video of Tesla Japan’s Miyakojima VPP below.

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Tesla is quietly building another virtual power plant in Japan

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