Tenants of Cleveland apartments without heat for 2 weeks blame negligence on building management

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) — Tenants at Denison Manor near Cleveland’s West Side say they’ve had no heat for two weeks and say building management isn’t fixing the problem quickly enough.

A tenant, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, told the 19 News Troubleshooters that management ignored her pleas for help.

“I feel like they should do what they have to do,” she said. “They are comfortable at home. Why can’t the building be comfortable? »

She said she gets paid on her rent, so she’s frustrated that management isn’t fixing the furnace.

“She hasn’t been to this property, she doesn’t know what this property is like, she doesn’t know what the condition of the property is,” the tenant said.

She said there’s no worse time to lose your heat, especially when the temperature outside is in the single digits most days.

“When it got to this really cold temperature, that’s when I noticed,” she said. “I said ‘Wow, it’s so cold up front in here, why aren’t the heaters working?'”

While the 19 Troubleshooters were with her on Thursday, management finally called her back. They told him that a part for the oven had been delivered.

When 19 News called management back, they said the part would be delivered and installed on Friday.

However, this tenant is still frustrated that this was a problem in the first place.

“If you own the building, you have to keep it up to code,” she said.

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