Starbucks opens in South Kearney; drive-in will open by the end of the year | Local News

KEARNEY – The hull of a drive-thru cafe in South Kearney is complete. Contractors from the company that will occupy the building have begun work that will turn the space into a Starbucks Coffee outlet.

“I don’t have an opening date, but I assume it will be open before the end of the year, barring any setbacks,” said Omaha attorney Bemjamin Pick, who represents Royce Kearney LLC, the company created to build the cafe.

“The landlord has completed work on the space and the tenant is now in possession of the premises and completing their tenant improvements,” Pick said.

On Thursday, Reese Bryant and two other Kendrek Electric employees were installing wiring under the floor of the new Starbucks outlet.

Mike Konz, Kearney center

The building is at 1104 Second Ave., the former site of two well-known restaurants, Famous Filmore and El Maguey.

On Point Construction Management of Kearney has handled most of the major construction so far, but other contractors such as Kendrek Electric of Wichita, Kansas will complete the building to Starbucks specifications.

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Members of the three-man Kansas team – Wichita-area Kyle Koehn, Reese Bryant and Hunter Fager, said the electrical contracting company that employs them has helped finish nearly 300 Starbucks over the past six to seven years. They were busy Thursday installing electrical components that will run under the building’s concrete floor, which will be poured by another contractor.

Pick said in a previous interview with the Hub that Chip James and Bob Begley of Lockwood Development are the developers for the new Starbucks location. Pick said the company is known in Omaha for its “high end” projects. Currently, they include the $553 million redevelopment of Omaha’s Crossroads Mall area and Sterling Ridge, a 150-acre residential office development on the former Ironwood golf course.

Starbucks, Kearnedy

The Starbucks under construction in South Kearney is across Second Avenue from the new Casey’s convenience store.

Mike Konz, Kearney center

James is Lockwood’s manager and Begley is its vice-president.

Although Kearney is three hours from Omaha and the Starbucks project is smaller than usual for Lockwood, Pick said the potential for success at Kearney’s busy north-south Main Street intersection was a significant attraction.

Kearneyites began speculating about the location of the old restaurant at 2nd Avenue and 11th Street several months ago when excavation of underground water pipes began at the site. Shortly after, the entire restaurant building was razed to the ground.

The building permit for the site lists demolition as a $50,000 expense. The building permit provided for the construction of the exterior envelope or walls. The expected cost of this operation is $780,000, according to the building permit. The interior volume is listed at 1,148. The lot is 25,500 square feet.

Buffalo County records show Anchor Ridge LLC sold the property in November 2021 for $510,000.

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