San Francisco’s Tallest Residential Building Slides and Gives Headlines

The 58-story Millennium Tower in San Francisco slides along its foundations, according to a report by KNTV. The skyscraper, which is the tallest residential building in the city, has been sinking and tilting for years and is undergoing a renovation to fix the problems.

Ron Burgerone of the engineers working on the $100 million project said the building had shifted along its foundation by about an inch.

“Given the current lean of the building to the west of approximately 24 inches measured at roof level, the gap between the two buildings in the east-west direction has widened by approximately 1 inch,” Hamburger said in a statement.

Hamburger said the slip did not impact the “structural safety” of the building.

“We have fully considered this in our structural safety assessment of the building and have determined that the building is not at risk due to this movement or any movement that may occur prior to construction completion,” the statement continues.

engineers are working on the installation of 18 steel piles around the foundation to prevent the building from sinking and tilting further. Hamburger said these piles could also reverse some of the landslide.

“Once the voluntary leveling is complete, further settlement of the building at the northwest corner will be arrested, some rebound will occur and a slight additional settlement of the remainder of the main tower will act to reverse the tilt that is occurring. is produced and fill the gap between the elevator thresholds in the adjacent podium building that connects the main tower and mid-rise,” Hamburger said.

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