Residents annoyed by commercial building in residential neighborhood

ISLAMABAD – The district administration failed to stop the construction of an illegal commercial building in the residential area of ​​Mohalla Zamin Abad, Mardan.

Despite several notices from the Deputy for Commercial Finance and Additional Planning to the Municipal Officer of Tehsil (TMO), copies of which are available from The Nation, the illegal construction of the commercial building could not be stopped by the concerned authority. .

Meanwhile, the DC-Finance and Planning Office, in a letter dated July 9, 2020 to TMO-Mardan, also called the construction of a building illegal and against the rules and laws.

DC-Finance added in its letter: “The site has been visited and it has been observed that the building under construction is totally in the residential area and looks like a commercial building.”

The letter to TMO-Mardan citing an earlier report from the TMA office further stated that neither permission had been given for the construction of the building nor the site plan had been approved by TMA-Mardan.

It should be noted that Deputy Building Inspector Muhammad Bilal on July 22, 2020 also called the construction of the building illegal and against TMA laws.

In an interview with The Nation, the plaintiff Syed Shah Sabir said that despite several notices from DC-Office and his request to the concerned authorities, the construction of the building in the residential building could not be stopped by the district administration.

He urged the concerned authorities to take immediate action as local residents are disturbed by heavy trucks and loaders.

The Nation addressed TMO-Mardan on several occasions and asked for his opinion on the matter, but he did not respond to the correspondent’s questions.

The Nation also tried to take a position on DC-Finance and Planning but did not answer questions either.

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