Project manager (Building construction – Electricity)

This role is part of the real estate division of our clients. Interior Design Completion Responsible for the real estate project management of the Company’s retail branch and trade office portfolios (“the Portfolios”) across South Africa. BSc / degree in electrical engineering or other related field
The preferred candidate has a solid experience in carrying out projects in the banking sector

Project Management: Plans, coordinates and controls activities related to the construction of a project or part of a project to enable completion within cost, quality and time limits. Provides on-site and off-site service. Make sure the program is realistic. Monitors progress against the program. Manages construction purchases. Coordinate the activities of professionals and teams. Coordinate tenant requirements and delivery. Cost information reports. Monitors the administration of the project.
Energy Management: Design and implement retail and commercial energy efficiency policies and design principles to track and optimize energy consumption to conserve usage in portfolios, as well as to manage and to extend the initiatives to install inverters and solar installations in the portfolios. Perform site audits of electrical installations to improve efficiency and manage risks. Evaluate and develop electrical construction and business continuity systems / specifications for retail and commercial branches, and make recommendations (based on consumption data) to portfolios.
Project management:

  • Oversee construction projects from start to finish
  • Manage the budget and estimate costs
  • Determine the necessary equipment, materials and labor
  • Prepare reports regarding work status
  • Resolve any issues that may arise
  • Ensure compliance with safety rules and building codes
  • Assess the risks
  • Collaborate with contractors, engineers, furniture vendors and key members of the project team
  • Ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of supplier SLAs
  • Obtain appropriate permits and licenses from authorities for construction sites
  • Plan construction operations
  • Make sure all deadlines are met
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Allocate and manage resources to ensure they are available when needed throughout construction projects
  • Keep all stakeholders informed of the progress of projects and prepare regular progress reports
  • Manage any local environmental or community problem that may arise during a project
  • Perform on-site audits to monitor progress and quality standards

Main responsibilities Energy management:

  • Evaluates / develops electrical systems, products, components and behavioral policies by designing and conducting research programs; apply knowledge of electricity and materials to achieve set energy efficiency goals, profitable electrical installations and business continuity policies / plans
  • Establish construction, manufacturing or installation standards / specifications for retail and commercial projects
  • Attend on-site electrical audits and COC audits across South Africa to ensure construction facilities and COCs issued by construction suppliers comply with applicable regulations.
  • Prepares energy usage reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information and trends on energy consumption and physical facilities
  • Evaluate / develop / implement processes and policies to assist with price comparison and analysis across retail and commercial portfolio
  • Take responsibility for vendor SLA outputs and manage services against contract scope
  • Ensure that strong relationships with internal and external clients are developed and maintained
  • Some weekend work required in case of emergency as needed
  • Many trips are necessary
  • Interact professionally with cross-functional team members
  • Estimate costs of materials, labor or construction for budget preparation

Personal efficiency

  • Responsible for providing services through own efforts.
  • Individually responsible for managing own time, tasks and quality of results for periods of up to one year.
  • Make increased contributions by expanding individual skills.
  • Collaborates effectively with others to achieve personal results.
  • Attention to detail
  • Creator of strong relationships
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills required as you will need to coordinate with the project team as well as with external vendors

Minimum requirements

  • BSc / degree in electrical engineering or other related field
  • PMP or equivalent certification would be considered an asset
  • Extensive previous work experience managing budgets for construction projects
  • Excellent knowledge of construction materials and equipment
  • Very organized
  • Previous experience in a leadership role with strong and proven leadership skills
  • Knowledge of the MS Office suite
  • Previous work experience in construction management or other similar role
  • Understanding of construction management processes
  • Able to plan ahead
  • Familiarity with construction and project management software
  • Excellent knowledge of relevant rules and regulations as well as quality and human resources standards
  • Experience in conflict resolution and management
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Able to multitask with a solid understanding of the manager’s primary duties
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including negotiation skills
  • Strong knowledge of electrical and electrical compliance
  • Strong knowledge of Eskom Energy tariffs
  • Strong knowledge in energy efficiency and green policies

Desired skills:

  • Interior design
  • Electrical engineering
  • Project management

Desired qualification level:

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