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The city of Langford has taken a step towards greater intensification by passing the second and third readings on several developments that would add more than 900 units to the downtown area.

The rezoning requests were for four developments, three of which are multi-story housing developments, including a 24-story building at 2746 Peatt Rd., Which is said to be the second tallest residential structure in the area. The other residential building on the land, which extends to Scafé Road, has 18 floors and 271 family units.

Langford Mayor Stew Young said at the Nov. 17 council meeting that developments are in line with the official community plan, which was updated in 2008, and are the right move as Langford continues to grow.

“I don’t want to do urban sprawl anymore,” he said. “In a city center, you can’t be prosperous, you can’t have vitality with single-family homes in the city center.

Four buildings ranging from 13 to 22 storeys are proposed for Arncote Avenue between Peatt and Sunderland Roads, totaling 456 residential units, and two six-storey multi-family buildings constructed at 1365 Goldstream Avenue would contain 102 residential units.

The fourth rezoning application is to build 11 detached single family homes and 60 townhouses near the intersection of Luxton and Hazelwood Road.

“Langford’s future in the next 25 years must be looked at. Are we going to build four-storey buildings or densify and have a downtown? Said Young.

The movement towards greater densification is not without its opponents.

Dozens of residents called public hearings for the developments at the November 17 meeting. Many were in favor of the developments, but others also expressed concerns about their impact on traffic and parking and that they could negatively affect neighboring gardens.

Com. Lillian Szpak wanted residents to be able to vote on the height of the towers, but Young said decisions about the height are made by council in public hearings. She and Conun. Denise Blackwell voted against the two developments with the tallest towers.

Com. Lanny Seaton said Langford had changed a lot since moving to the community in the 1950s, and the council should “start thinking about where the kids are going to live”.

Young added that anyone who wants to protect their property from future development should subject it to an alliance and the city will respect it.

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