Pitt State disc golf aims for national championship in North Carolina

The team will travel to North Carolina next week for the National College Championships.

PITTSBURG, Kan. — (WATCH) The Pitt State club’s disc golf team is preparing to travel to North Carolina next week, where they will compete for a national championship.

The four-person team of Brent McDowell, Dallas Wrinkle, Noah Kangas and Hunter Williams qualified for the national championships by winning the Golden Eagle Collegiate Tournament in Nashville earlier in March.

“We always knew we were good enough to go play at national level, said Wrinkle, who is the club’s president, “There aren’t many tournaments near us. We decided we were going to have to make the sacrifice and drive 10 hours and go play the tournament. It was pretty good to finally prove to ourselves that we can do it.

The club raises funds to help offset travel expenses to compete in North Carolina. Click HERE to donate and for more information.


For Pittsburg State students Brent McDowell and Dallas Wrinkle, it was important to find a sport they could balance with college.

Thanks to the city of Pittsburgh’s two disc golf courses, one in Lincoln Park and the other in Schlanger Park, they found something active, challenging, relaxing and flexible when it came to to be able to adapt it to their schedule.

They not only enjoyed the sport, but excelled in it, which prompted them to start a new student organization, the Pitt State Disc Golf Club.

And now they have bragging rights: Along with teammates Noah Kangas (education specialist at Pittsburgh) and Hunter Williams (construction management specialist at Spring Hill), they won the Golden Eagle Collegiate Tournament earlier this month this, qualifying Pittsburg State University to compete in the National College Disc Golf Championship next week in North Carolina.

“To us, that means as much as a national football championship,” Wrinkle said. “We’ve all had our own journeys to get to this point.”

McDowell, who is a history and Spanish specialist from Pittsburgh, said that although he played a few times in high school, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit in 2020 that he became sports addict.

“I had time and I could do it safely,” he said. “I love it because everyone has the same goal – to get the record in the basket – but there are so many ways to get there, and no one does it like anyone else. is difficult and interesting.

Wrinkle, who specializes in architectural manufacturing management and technology at Overland Park, values ​​the ability to compete in a welcoming environment.

“The disc golf community is one of the best in the world,” Wrinkle said. “If you are new and you come here and we see you, we will welcome you. We want to develop the sport.

It’s inexpensive, McDowell noted, which makes it especially appealing to students and new grads.

“You can get a disc for a few bucks and start playing, or you can get a full starter set for around $30,” McDowell explained. “It’s also a great way to meet people at college.”

Similar to golf clubs, the four types of discs are designed for different uses: distance drivers, fairway drivers, mids, and putters.

“Other than that, there’s no expensive or fancy gear – just what you want to wear, depending on the weather,” Wrinkle added.

And, speaking of the weather, they enjoy being able to play this sport pretty much all year round, as long as it’s not too muddy. The team was on a multi-day course throughout the winter.

“We also like that it helps us get active,” McDowell said. “The Lincoln Park course is 1.3 miles and the Schlanger Park course is 2.5 miles.”

Now, in addition to making sure they are physically and technically ready for the championship, they are putting a final push into fundraising to help offset the costs.

Above all, they say, they are excited to represent Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh State at a national event.

“It’s exciting to have come this far,” McDowell said.

Want to get involved?

Students can find the Pitt State Disc Golf Club on Gorilla Engage at https://pittstate.campuslabs.com/engage/

Members of the community also have options: The Pitt Disc Golf group is present on Facebook and has nearly 250 members. It is open to anyone interested in the sport of disc golf and familiar with the area’s tournaments, leagues and more.

Pittsburgh disc golf courses are operated by Pittsburg Parks & Recreation.

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