Petition opposes 3-story building on Bridgewater border


BOUND BROOK, NJ – More than 500 residents have signed a petition opposing a three-story, 40-unit building project to be built on the Bridgewater border.

“Bound Brook is already oversaturated with large development projects – especially apartment complexes – that deplete infrastructure, congest traffic and limit opportunities for new families or businesses to become long-term investors in our community. Said Eddie Kantis, who has created a petition to stop the development of the apartment.

The project applicant, Ferruggia Associates LLC of Watchung, is seeking to demolish all existing structures on the property located at 518 Vosseller Avenue in Bound Brook, on the Bridgewater border. The property has operated as a restaurant, catering, and banquet hall since the 1950s, operating as Patullo’s Restaurant, Madeline’s and, more recently, Venue 518.

The new project, which will be called Allure in Vosseller, will include a mix of studios, 24 one-bedroom units and 15 three-bedroom units. With the exception of the studio, each apartment will have access to a private patio or balcony.

Among the exemptions proposed by the applicant, let us mention the reduction of the setback for neighboring houses from 15 feet to 2 feet.

“It is clear that they have paid little attention to the effects this complex will have on the area and the permanent residents who live here,” Kantis said of the waivers.

Since the petition against the project was launched a week ago, more than 500 people have signed it.

“I am tired of the excessive development of this historic city. Why not focus on bringing interesting shops back to town! Signed a resident.

“This intersection is one of the most dangerous in Bound Brook. Children also use these roads to school and home. Put the people of Bound Brook first, not someone’s pocket,” said another signatory.

“My family grew up in this neighborhood, my father and my grandfather still live there. There are already enough apartments in the city and its surroundings, it would be odious to build another complex in the soft residential corner”, said another signatory.

To learn more or to sign the petition, click here.

The application is due to be heard before the Bound Brook Land Use Planning and Zoning Council at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday.

To participate, visit https: // … or you can also connect using a phone:

United States (toll free): 1 866 899 4679
United States: +1 (571) 317-3117
Access code: 434-777-981

See below to see the full application offered for the property:

Allure at Vosseller Application by Alexis Tarrazi on Scribd

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