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Operational project manager

R + D for the built environment (@XL Construction), full time

Mountain View, California

Who we are / What we do:

R + D for the Built Environment (@XL Construction) is the ideas workshop for a large Mountain View tech company. We are architects, engineers, researchers, designers, inventors, dreamers and builders who are obsessed with the idea of ​​meaningfully shaping our environment. We are a community of optimistic, passionate, action-oriented solution seekers who love to say ‘yes’ and then set the stage for delivering that answer. From the office scale to the district scale, we generate ideas and prototypes that deliver immediate tangible value and project a resilient, resource-efficient, technologically enriched and beautiful future.

What are you doing:

As the project manager for all laboratory operations, you will be responsible for the success of the laboratory (financial, personnel, timely deliverables). You will contribute to the lab’s resource strategies and develop evaluation criteria that will help us spend our money and time wisely, while ensuring that workloads and human resources are balanced with R&D priorities. laboratories. You have a broad base of general knowledge in all aspects of design and construction. You have enough industry-specific knowledge to understand what overall strategies should be employed so that our business results are aligned with our innovation ambitions. You provide us with the tools to generate the best and most productive environment. You move skillfully between high level views and details. You are a skillful, upbeat and positive natural communicator, and will advocate for the team. You identify with the success of the team and you commit to doing whatever it takes to make the lab the best it can be.


  • Responsible for XL for the success of the laboratory: finances, personnel and customer satisfaction

  • Provide operational oversight, collaboratively plan quarterly and annual work with schedules, budgets, staffing and other business aspects of the laboratory

  • Develops analytical frameworks and instruments (such as lean thinking, etc.) that facilitate decision making and improve laboratory performance in terms of budget, time and personnel

  • Supports staffing needs, manages and is responsible for hiring new talent as needed to match specific tasks and skills, onboarding and training new team members

  • Feed and support the team; promotes individual career growth; tracks and provides feedback on daily performance

  • Help unravel team communication, process and / or content issues, if applicable

  • Provide support to the team when new processes are deployed

  • Checks regularly with laboratory management to ensure design and operational visions are aligned

  • Embodies ethics and broadens the ambitions of the R + D Lab

  • Help review and resolve “red lines” in consultant and subcontracting agreements


  • Senior architect or project manager with a degree in architecture, engineering or construction management; preferred license (if applicable)

  • Expertise in all phases of the design + build process, from concept to construction administration, with a focus on the successful delivery of new systems and processes

  • Seasoned management experience, including managing multiple teams simultaneously

  • Experience in budget preparation, financial analysis and contracts

  • Strong Industry Knowledge: Keeping abreast of current trends, prices and new technologies in their industry assists operations consultants in their assessment and recommendation of new processes

  • Excellent planning skills, including attention to detail, organizing information and tracking deadlines; ability to use data to tell a story

  • Autonomous and effective time management skills

  • The ability to multitask, responsibility for multiple concurrent projects, and relationships with internal and external customers and suppliers require operations consultants to balance competing priorities

  • Tools to understand potential exposures / barriers and strategies to overcome them

  • Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively between teams and at all levels of the organization

  • In search of solutions and oriented towards action

  • Positive and effective leadership demonstrated

  • Organized and meticulous manager, but also a creative problem solver

  • Relentless curiosity and passion for the built environment

  • Likes to help others be there best

  • Leverage industry connections to ensure the best thought leaders are engaged

  • Very accessible

This position is for a full time job at XL Construction, in the R&D lab located on the premises of a large tech company in Mountain View, California.

Please submit professional references including curriculum vitae and cover letter for our consideration.

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