Man charged with setting fire to subway building

A man accused of setting fire to a subway apartment and trapping several people inside is now in jail.

Investigators say Jose Ramirez was seeking revenge.

When confronted with investigators’ records, Ramirez admitted to setting the fire because he was angry with his ex-girlfriend.

With the help of firefighters, everyone made it out safe and sound.

Jose Ramirez is now behind bars accused of setting fire to an apartment complex.

Once there, the staircase being invaded by flames, the firefighters used ladders to rescue seven people.

One of the victims, Ramirez’s ex, pointed the finger at Ramirez. She said he “barged in” earlier that night and “caused some trouble”.

She said it wasn’t the first time Ramirez had been violent.

Court records confirm that Ramirez was convicted last year of animal cruelty after he “violently killed his girlfriend’s cat.”

On December 16, investigators went to Ramirez’s home in Edmond to confront him. Then, on January 19, his probation officer contacted the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. She claimed that Ramirez confessed to starting the fire.

And while he was arrested on an arson complaint, he could face additional charges after a search of his home on

January 20 discovered a cache of firearms, a tactical vest, military explosives, thousands of cartridges and a demolition book.

Ramirez remains behind bars. He is being held on $500,000 bond.

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