Local governments in New York will receive emergency management assistance

New York county governments are receiving assistance to strengthen their emergency response planning and operations within their borders, Governor Kathy Hochul announced.

A total of $7.6 million combined federal funding is going to municipalities across the state to help with disaster response.

The money is being sent through a federal emergency management grant program provided by FEMA and comes as governments around the world respond to various disasters, including those compounded by the effects of climate change.

County governments are often the first public entities to respond to a disaster in their capacity as public health, law enforcement or fire officials.

“We are focused on building the state’s emergency planning and response capabilities to help ensure New York is prepared in the event of a disaster, Hochul said. “County emergency managers need our utmost support, and this funding will support training efforts and allow agencies to access the resources needed to respond to any type of disaster in their community.”

County officials must show their own willingness to respond to a variety of potential hazards and show federal officials areas that need nationwide improvements such as distribution logistics and management, evacuation, financial management, and resiliency. .

Funding may be used for management administration, emergency management agency staffing, planning, equipping, training and exercise, construction and renovation of operating facilities and l maintenance of communication systems.

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