Large medical complex could replace retail in San Jose mixed-use center


SAN JOSE – A large medical office building will replace a number of retail and restaurant spaces that were previously approved for a large mixed-use complex in San Jose.

The shift to doctor’s offices highlights how new stores and food establishments can take a back seat to healthcare, biotech and life science projects and buildings in the wake of economic hardship triggered by the coronavirus .

The new doctor’s offices are expected to be developed at a site next to Evergreen Loop near the East Capitol Expressway and Quimby Road, according to plans filed with City of San Jose officials.

The proposed health care building is part of Evergreen Circle, an 80-acre development that includes 250 homes, athletic fields, retail, restaurants, a commercial paseo and small parks.

Medical office building in the Evergreen Circle mixed-use retail, office, home and athletic development development in San Jose, near the corner of the East Capitol Expressway and Quimby Road, concept . // HMC Architects

The doctor’s office building would total 150,000 square feet and have four floors, according to documents filed with city officials.

Hunter Properties and Arcadia Development are constructing the entire mixed-use project as well as the medical office building.

The “offices of primary care and specialist care providers” will be the building’s main activities, according to the city’s file.

The doctor’s office building is expected to be four stories tall and grow on a 4.8 acre site.

The new health center will have around 697 parking spaces, considered sufficient to accommodate both patients and medical staff.

Previous development plans for this site called for the construction of 55,100 square feet of retail, restaurant and other commercial space.

The economic damage triggered by the coronavirus has prompted a drastic rethinking of the future of commercial properties, especially sites where restaurants or shops are located.

Some developers have scaled back their plans to develop new retail or restaurant sites. Others have taken steps to replace existing stores or restaurants with residential sites or buildings that can accommodate some sort of life science or medicine related activity.

Gathering areas in the Evergreen Circle mixed-use retail development, restaurants, housing and doctor’s offices in San Jose, near the corner of the East Capitol Expressway and Quimby Road, concept. // HMC Architects

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