Jda seals breaches of 6-story building on construction | Jaipur News

Jaipur: After witnessing gross violations of building regulations, the Jaipur Development Authority on Monday sealed a six-story commercial building having 20 units in area-12 of Mangalam Industrial City, JaitpuraSikar road.
The enforcement wing made the trip after issuing the notices under Section 32, 33 JDA, Act. A senior official at JDA said: “The owner had built the building without leaving any setbacks. The building was sealed after the construction of a brick wall.
Between January 1 and May 30, the JDA had sealed off 112 buildings. The seals of nine buildings were opened after owners followed instructions from civic bodies. An official said: “After the increase in demand for housing in the city, many developers started flouting the standards. However, our team is vigilant and acts on complaints so that investors are not fooled.
A senior official said the JDA also decided to upload the approved maps of buildings constructed above plots measuring 2,500 square meters and having a maximum height or above 18 meters. The decision was made for better coordination between the various civic bodies, urban planning, enforcement wing and area offices. A senior official said: “This decision will help to easily identify illegal buildings. If a building has not received approval and is building illegally, the department can take action against the defaulters.
A manager said, in accordance with the Rajasthan Urban Areas Building Regulations, 2020, a developer can build a structure up to a height of 18 meters (5 floors) on a land of 500 m² or more. The minimum height for a building in the high-rise category has been changed to 18 meters from the previous 15 meters. An official said: “The process of obtaining map approvals has also been simplified for plots up to 500 square meters. Compulsory approval for a skyscraper is required above the prescribed size.


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