Isanti Approves Conditional Use License for New Microbrewery Location | Local News


Thunder Brothers Brewery will soon have a new home in the town of Isanti.

At the Isanti City Council meeting on September 7, the council approved a conditional use permit for the Thunder Brothers brewery to move to a new location at 801 Hwy. 65 NE.

Thunder Brothers Brewery was previously located on Enterprise Avenue in Isanti and is looking to bring all equipment and operations into the leased building to gain floor space and provide visibility from Highway 65. The leased building that Thunder Brothers Brewery is moving into belongs to the CBD Joint and is located just north of County Road 5 in Isanti, on the west side of Highway 65.

Due to the brewery’s move to a new location, a new liquor license application had to be filed in the city. The board approved the Sunday liquor license off-sale and on-sale in the tap room. It was noted that the police department has reviewed the request and the applicant has not been cited for any violation of liquor law at the state or locality level.

The Thunder Brothers brewery, owned by brothers Warren and Brett Thunstrom, hopes to open in its new premises in October.

Isanti Dental, commercial building

Community Development Manager Sheila Sellman explained that site plans have been submitted for a dental clinic and commercial tenant building at 401 Cherrywood Street NE.

Sellman said the Isanti Dental site plan was discussed at the Isanti planning committee meeting on August 17. layout, drive-thru lane, one-way traffic and potential commercial tenants.

Sellman said it was explained that the drive-thru lane would require a separate conditional use permit application submitted to ensure vehicle location, dimensions and stacking requirements are met.

Sellman said the conditions set by the planning commission were incorporated into the site plan drawing included in the council brief. The dental clinic and commercial space will be 4,550 square feet.

After discussion, the council approved the review of the site plan for the dental clinic and the tenants’ commercial building.

Preliminary budget 2022, levy

CFO Mike Betker explained that the proposed preliminary property tax levy for 2022 is just under $ 3.3 million and reflects a preliminary taxable market value increase for 2022 of 10.83%. The 2021 levy has been set at $ 3 million.

The city will receive updated Isanti County Property Tax values ​​in December.

The proposed preliminary property tax rate is 58.48%, which represents a decrease of 3.17% from 2021. The 15-year average tax rate from 2007 to 2021 is 67.08%.

After discussion, the board approved the setting of the final meeting of the budget and levies for 2022 at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7; approved the preliminary 2022 budget for the town of Isanti at $ 4.3 million; and approved the proposed tax levy for 2021 to be collected in 2022 for the town of Isanti at just under $ 3.3 million.

As discussed in previous working sessions, other sources of general fund income not drawn have been adjusted to reflect the trends of the previous year, rates according to the fee schedule and known agreements.

Betker said general fund spending has been adjusted based on actual costs from the previous year, current year spending through June, actual maintenance agreements and contract costs. All salaries include a 3% cost of living adjustment for 2022 and include necessary step increases where applicable. Dental insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Property / Liability / Volunteer Insurance and Life / Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance have all been adjusted to reflect premiums paid in 2021 and any necessary inflationary factors have been included. applied.

The proposed levy for 2022 is as follows:

• Drawdown from the general fund: $ 2.1 million.

• Capital maintenance tax, $ 451,900.

• Tax for the construction of streets, $ 295,000.

• Tax from the Economic Development Authority, $ 98,038.

• Abatement tax, $ 13,763.

• Debt Service Tax, $ 273,150.

• 2014 tax abatement, $ 223,821.

• General bond 2014, $ 49,329.

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