Georgia, Commercial Real Estate Giant Joins EV Charging Station Plan | New

ATLANTE – The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) is working with Chicago-based commercial real estate company JLL to plan a network of electric vehicle charging stations across the state.

The plan is a necessary step toward securing federal funds for charging stations through a $5 billion grant program established by the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure spending bill passed by Congress last fall.

The grants will help states deploy charging stations in convenient locations.

Georgia’s political and business leaders have identified an adequate supply of electric vehicle charging stations as vital to continued economic development as the number of electric vehicles on the highways increases.

“Strengthening our electric charging network will require collaboration between government, industry, utilities and other stakeholders every step of the way,” said Jannine Miller, DOT’s planning director.

“We are excited to work with JLL to present our initial rollout plan and stay abreast of emerging opportunities.”

“As an advisor to the State of Georgia…our common goal is to create a cleaner, greener economic future for Georgia and beyond,” added Josephine Tucker, chief executive officer of clean energy at JLL.

The DOT and JLL are partnering with Ernst & Young and HNTB on the project.

To meet grant program guidelines, the plan must demonstrate adequate charging coverage for electric vehicles along previously established corridors for alternative power and provide a strategy for upgrading and expanding charging facilities. charging stations over time.

The plan must be sent to the new Federal Joint Office of Energy and Transportation by August 1.

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