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Plans for a four, 27-storey apartment complex across from the Shoreline construction site have been filed with the Commission.

A DEVELOPMENT application for a $ 9.8 million four-story apartment complex to house the workers building the Shoreline Retirement Village and the Elderly Care Building at Park Beach has been filed with the City Council of Coffs Harbor.

The plaintiff and owner of the land, Rowville Park Pty Ltd, applied to construct a residential building comprising 27 apartments, titled Arthur Apartments, directly across from the Shoreline construction site on a vacant block of land in Arthur Street, Coffs Harbor, which is currently used for overflow parking at the nearby Park Beach Plaza.

Rowville Park Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of the Bachrach Naumburger Group, which operates Park Beach Plaza and the Shoreline complex.

The proposal concerns the development of 27 residential apartments and 33 parking spaces on the ground floor.

The building will consist of a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments which will be offered as professionally managed rental units.

“The main driver of this project is the rent crisis in Coffs Port and the need to ensure a housing supply for frontline workers at Shoreline Seniors Housing,” the development application documents say.

“Although it is also possible to offer any accommodation capacity available to the general rental market.

The new apartment complex is expected to help attract staff to Coffs Harbor and ease the current housing crisis in the area.

“Key workers would be located within walking distance of employment at Shoreline and daily needs,” says Development Demand.

“The proposed development provides high quality residential rental housing that is undersupplied in Coffs Harbor.

“This proposal is considered to have a high visual quality in its presentation on public roads and will constitute an identifiable development in its own right. “

The development request includes a variation of the board development standards, including a variation in the front margin requirements and a variation in density control.

“The requested variation of the building’s front setback would allow development in line with the desired future character of this area,” the request said.

The Shoreline building is slated to open in March 2022 and will feature self-catering apartments as well as a 120-bed senior residential care facility.


This grassed site across from the new Shoreline complex in Park Beach is proposed to accommodate a four-story residential building to house construction workers. Photo: Emma Darbin.

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