Four-story apartment buildings with 225 houses to replace 8th Street block

The developer planning to demolish small 20th-century apartment buildings in the 500 block of 8th Street disclosed some details on Friday.

City Plan Commission member Amanda Popken received information from Lennar Multifamily Corp., which purchased the blockexcept for one property in 8th and Llewellyn, in December.

She reports:

Tenants received 60 days’ notice to move out as well as a financial incentive to help them move out. Everyone had moved out by February 15 and no one was evicted.

The developer received a demolition permit for part of the property this week, and they are expecting more. Demolition is expected to begin in late March or early April.

Construction is expected to begin this summer.

Either side of the street will have four-story apartment buildings taking up the entire block, which The Advocate predicted in 2018.

The 225 apartments, comprising 500 to 1,400 square feet, will be available at market price, and there is no affordable component.

Lennar allowed the previous owners, as well as Bishop Arts owner David Spence of Good Space, to salvage some of the buildings’ architectural elements, such as doors, windows, trim and brickwork. Orr Reed should collect more before demolition begins.

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