FleetWatcher construction management solution simplifies maintenance: CEG


Feedwater’s popular Construction Management Solution (CMS), collects data from all construction equipment assets, regardless of class or manufacturer, and presents due maintenance report with color-coded entries providing “at-a-glance” status.

Designed specifically for the heavy equipment industry, this telematics platform displays equipment that is within 36 hours of its required service in yellow, and any equipment on or after its service date in red. This allows fleet maintenance managers to better plan shop floor personnel and field service trucks.

Unlike OEM telematics, which requires separate connections for each brand and presents information differently, FleetWatcher works on all equipment in the fleet with a single connection and presents data in an easy-to-understand format that can be shared with everyone. staff concerned via a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

FleetWatcher CMS is useful for heavy construction contractors of all types and sizes.

Throughout the day, FleetWatcher collects specific and personalized data from the attached fleet. This information is then processed and transmitted via a daily snapshot in the specific data and format selected by users. Reports, available online or in MS Excel format, can be shared with team members. Over 20 reports and hundreds of filtering options give users the information they need to run their business more effectively and efficiently.

In addition to due maintenance, FleetWatcher tracks multiple data points including cycle times, productivity and downtime, equipment usage and underutilization, project status, budgets , workshop costs, rental expenses, trends and behaviors, etc. It integrates with all major management programs including accounting, estimating, invoicing and more.

Earthwave Technologies manufactures construction-specific wireless telematics products that provide complete visibility into all components used in the process. Its Fleetwatcher Material Delivery (MDS) solution is used by asphalt paving contractors across the United States. It also offers modules for electronic ticketing, off-road construction, etc.

For more information call 800 / 553-0027, email [email protected] or visit www.EarthwaveTech.com.

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