Davenport town center added 1,400 apartments in 20 years

“We’re ahead of the curve. We’re exactly where I think we need to be to stay competitive.”

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Located on the corner of 2nd and Perry Street, Urbane210 is the newest apartment complex to appear on the Davenport skyline. The project has been under construction since 2019 and officially opened in August 2021.

Merge Urban Development Group designed the building. CEO Brent Dalhstrom said the company chose the region because of the apparent boom in efforts to revitalize the region.

“We only put our buildings in the central areas, and Davenport is a big city,” Dalhstrom said. “And we think we’re right in the middle of the exciting part of Davenport.”

The project was a 10 month construction, and there are other complexes not far behind.

400 River Drive is slated to open next year, and Downtown Davenport Partnership executive director Kyle Carter said the building was moving fast.

“It’s all connected. It’s not an accident. You know, this work was very intentional and it takes time,” Carter said.

In the early 2000s, there were only a few hundred apartments in downtown Davenport. This number jumped from 800 to 1,100 in 2013/2014. It is now at 1,589 with a hundred more under construction.

“It’s a good mix of market and restricted income type stuff. And we’re just happy to have a good balance,” Carter said.

Efforts to make the city center more residential continue. For Carter, it’s about building all aspects of space. It’s not just about furnishing the buildings, but things to do for the people who live there.

“Residences, entertainment, arts and culture are the future of the downtown core,” Carter said. “And we’ve been doing it for literally almost 20 years at this point.”

There is pressure for offices to move into the region as well. Carter described it as “daytime traffic.”

“It’s the ability to walk. It’s a good balance between office and residential entertainment. You don’t want all the bars and restaurants, you don’t want all the apartments or all the offices,” Carter said. “The mix is ​​really what you are aiming for.”

This mix is ​​what Durham hopes to achieve by opening the lower floors of Urbane210 to stores.

“It’s really important for us to activate this space on the ground floor. That’s what makes downtown great, to see these storefronts,” said Durham. “If you only have one residential building, you run the risk of not really being integrated, or not being part of the city center. The building is only accessible by people who live in the building. And so you closed yourself off to anyone else in the community. ”

On top of that, more than 20 businesses have opened in downtown Davenport over the past year.

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