Construction management student prepares for her future

Alexia Velazquez wants to rebuild lives, and the construction management program at Texas Southmost College is her first step in the process. Courtesy Image
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BROWNVILLE, TX – Alexia Velazquez wants to rebuild lives, and the construction management program at Texas Southmost College is her first step in the process.

The 19-year-old, who recently started her journey and plans to graduate in 2024, said she already knew the program gave her the tools she needed to achieve her goals.

“I always wanted to open a homeless shelter or provide housing for those in need, but I didn’t always know where to start,” Velazquez said. “When I discovered the TSC construction program, I knew this was my starting point. I want to be complete in the field, and this program will get me there.

TSC Construction Management is one of the newer programs in the construction trades courses offered at the college and offers students an associate degree in the trade, in addition to the certificate offered by construction technology.

The Brownsville native said she’s already been exposed to the realities of the trade and that’s what she loves most about the program – doing real-world work, using industry-standard tools and equipment. industry, while helping his community.

“As a class, we once had the opportunity to build a frame for a house now available in Brownsville, she said. “It’s one of my biggest accomplishments so far, and I know it’s just one of many. For someone like me, brand new to the business, it’s been a revelation, but now I’m 100% sure that’s where I’m supposed to be.”

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Velazquez said that before she found TSC’s construction management program, she considered a few other career paths, but none seemed right. Now she learns and does what she loves every day, and that’s her favorite part.

“In this program, we learn and we practice what we learn,” Velazquez said. “I consider myself lucky to have found a program that offers this kind of hands-on learning, and even better to have supportive instructors and classmates.”

She added: “If I’m honest I’m confident in myself and what I can do but stepping into a male dominated field can be scary but here I’m an equal. They cheer me on and support my growth and goals.

Velazquez said she was proud to be part of one of the first cohorts to graduate from the program, and she hopes she will be an inspiration to other young girls and women interested in a career in construction. and project management.

Project management is Velazquez’s ultimate goal and is already looking for colleges, apprenticeships and internships that will help him further his education and gain more experience.

“I was a waitress working long hours, and now I’m a student at a college that will not only give me a better quality of life, but also allow me to give others a better quality of life, with shelters and homes that will get people off the streets and give them a second chance.

For more information about TSC’s construction management program, visit

Registration for Summer and Fall 2022 begins April 1.

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