Construction delays leave hundreds of UGA students with no place to live

ATLANTA, Georgia (CBS46) – Hundreds of UGA students cannot move into a new student housing complex as the building is still a large construction site.

Construction delayed to William Athens moved residents to the Spring Hill Suites hotel in Athens.

According to a Facebook post, limited material and labor shortages have led to construction delays at the Williams Athens apartment complex. He keeps on:

“Despite our best efforts to continue these hotel accommodations, hotels can no longer accommodate our residents after September 17, 2022. Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to find acceptable alternative accommodation.”

Residents are now being given several options on what to do, including accepting a cash payment to help with temporary housing while the apartment complex continues to be built or students can terminate their contract with the complex without penalty.

A Facebook group has been created by parents whose children are not displaced. One mum commented:

“The developers and everyone involved in this project have misrepresented this project from the beginning. Your social media campaign has always been false advertising. How dare you use these students and take their money and leave them homeless and broke?

A UGA student and resident of The William posted:

“I was completely unprepared for a further delay. I get it, things are happening, but with this delay, I might just have to turn around and leave Athens for now. I just don’t have a family to turn to for help.

The William did not indicate when construction is expected to be completed. The apartments were originally expected to be ready to move in at the start of the semester, a month ago.

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