Broomfield woman searches for answers on inconsistent heating

BROOMFIELD, Colorado – With winter in full swing, living in a place with unreliable heat is far from comfortable for any Coloradan.

People living in an apartment in Broomfield are turning to Contact Denver7 for help as the Denver subway braces for temperatures to drop below freezing.

“I noticed the heat didn’t work like the Tuesday before Christmas,” said Mareena Moore.

Moore lives in one of the apartment buildings located in the Ten 30 and Ten 49 apartment complexes in Broomfield.

Moore said she and other residents of the same apartment building had not experienced any heat or sporadic heat since December 21.

“I was just asking [the neighbors] if they also had the same problem and no one answered, and they were like, ‘yes’ no one was answering the phone calls when they called the front desk, ”Moore said.

For the past two weeks, Moore has said that she and her daughter have shared a bed to warm up at night.

“It’s very cold,” said the mother.

Moore informed property management of the problem. She said she received a notice on her door on December 31.

“All they said was we had intermittent boiler issues that will cause the heat to turn on and off,” Moore said as he read the advisory.

Moore said the apartment complex provided him with two heaters, but on New Years Day, even when temperatures dropped to single digits, it wasn’t enough.

“I invited her to stay with her father because I didn’t want her to freeze with me,” she said.

When the issue persisted this week, Moore decided to speak out, unsure if the issue would be resolved.

“This is my first apartment after I left my husband, so it’s a big step for me. I don’t know what else to do. They aren’t listening,” she said in tears.

On Tuesday night, the heat started to work in Moore’s apartment building. Denver7 reached out to the property management group on Tuesday afternoon to find out what solutions have been put in place for residents. This story will be updated once more information is received.

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