Biggest Hit for Queensland’s Small Residential Agency of the Year

Sunshine Coast agent Mark McGill is no stranger to real estate industry awards, but his latest accolade is by far the sweetest.

On October 29, his boutique agency, The McGill Group, won the Real Estate Institute of Queensland’s award for Small Residential Agency of the Year.

A feat all the more impressive considering that Mr. McGill only launched the company, in partnership with the Agents Agency, just over two years ago.

Mr. McGill explained that although he has been named Salesperson of the Year nine times in his 13-year career and has won the prestigious title twice, this year’s victory was particularly significant.

“It recognized the effort of our team as a whole, including our commitment to customer service and was especially exciting as we are pretty much a brand new company.”

Small residential agency of the year wasn’t the only category in which the McGill Group was a finalist at the recent REIQ awards.

Mr. McGill received his 9e nomination as Seller of the Year, while property manager Holly Amon was a finalist in the Residential Property Manager of the Year category.

“We’re just a small company with a boutique rent book, so being recognized as one of the best of the best in the state this early in our working lives is important,” McGill said.

Mr McGill launched the brand in March 2020, just as Covid lockdowns were being implemented across Queensland.

But rather than seeing it as a deterrent, he saw it as an opportunity to lay the groundwork for his business from the start.

“I started in real estate during the global financial crisis and opened my own business during the height of Covid,” he said.

“Difficult markets do not scare me. Whenever it gets difficult, I see an opportunity.

When he opened the doors to his new brand, he was accompanied by a small team, including his sales assistant Alana Luchetta and Ms. Amon.

Together they worked in an industrial shed in the central Sunshine Coast suburb of Buderim.

Now that team has grown to nine, including four sales agents and additional property managers.

McGill noted that many of his team members are job-sharing working moms, and it’s this flexibility and inclusive culture that he hoped to bring to his own company.

“The main reason I started my own business was because I wanted to do things my way,” he explained.

“I wanted to be able to adapt and change as quickly as the market.”

McGill said he chose to join the Agency’s growing network of agents because it gave him the freedom to run his business the way he wanted, while allowing him to receive ongoing administrative support.

“It’s been fantastic,” he said, reflecting on the partnership so far.

“The accompaniment is sensational. They take care of the accounting, including paying my suppliers, payroll and trust accounting.

“The reality is that agents are normally qualified to sell properties, but not necessarily to run a business.

“Their support allows a skilled agent to run a business while focusing on what they do best.”

Mr. McGill also noted that his membership in the Agents Agency has allowed him to grow his business in revenue-generating areas, without having to hire additional administrative staff.

Agents’Agency chief executive Manos Findikakis said the award won by the McGill Group and the three nominations were a testament to the standard Mr McGill had set for his brand.

“He was looking to build a business that provided a great experience for his customers and this award recognizes that, Mr. Findikakis said.

“In the process, he has developed a phenomenal team and we are delighted to see them recognised.”

Mr. Findikakis said from the outset that it was clear that Mr. McGill had milestones he wanted to achieve within his own company.

“He worked tirelessly on the front of house and focused on his brand and his customers, while we were able to provide the back-end support to help him.

“And that’s exactly what we want.

“We are here to support agents in creating their own brand and their own business, with complete freedom and without restriction.

“We want to see them succeed in terms of lifestyle, financial reward, professionalism and well-deserved recognition.”

Mr Findikakis added that the entire network was delighted to see the McGill Group recognized by Queensland’s leading real estate body.

“A big part of what we offer is collaboration as a network of hundreds of agencies across the country.

“While Agents’Agency can provide the back-end support, you can’t ignore the power of having a network of people who collaborate and all want to see each other succeed.”

As for Mr McGill’s future plans for his business, he said a new office space was in the works, with the site yet to be revealed.

“Our staff have worked incredibly hard and they deserve a new home,” he said.

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