Benefits of landscaping for your commercial property


No matter what type of business you run, a good first impression goes a long way. The way your business is presented can determine how professional you look, and that doesn’t always mean having a stylish website and accurately presenting yourself. Your commercial property is another opportunity for you to impress new and existing customers. The interior of your building should represent your brand, but what about the exterior? Call on experts in commercial landscaping can take your business to the next level, making the first visual experience of new customers a great experience!

Today we’ll discuss some of the potential benefits of landscaping your commercial property, propelling your business to new heights.

Increase property value

If the owner of the premises wants to invest in a project that will provide him with a significant return, he must think carefully about it. Reselling your home with a landscaped yard can increase its value by up to 14%. In addition, it could shorten the sales process by up to six weeks. A crucial aspect of homeownership is maintain the landscape of the property.

You should also consider the additional features that will make your commercial property more attractive to buyers when landscaping in the hopes of increasing the value. Here are some of the landscaping elements that offer the best return on investment:

  • Car park: Having parking at a commercial site is essential, but you will reap the greatest benefits if you maximize its convenience. During the winter months, remove moss from sidewalks to prevent slipping, trim hedges and repaint road markings regularly.
  • Gateways: The next owner of your property will have one less worry once they move in, as safe, unobstructed driveways will keep their staff and visitors safe. Make sure the walkways are signposted and are not too crowded with shrubs, hedges and other vegetation.
  • Panels: It is always better to have a convenient website. However, incorporating signage into the design of your commercial property could make it much more practical whether or not you consider it when planning the landscaping. Also, do not allow overgrown vegetation to obstruct or cover the panels.
  • Water characteristics: Commercial properties with a larger budget will always have water characteristics. Water bodies such as ponds, streams, and fountains give the appearance of an upscale site, but their maintenance is expensive.

Increase customer attention and retention

An organized and well-maintained landscape is essential to reflect the quality of your service and will influence customer opinion of your business.

Various plant species, such as flowering shrubs and trees, perennials and ornamental grasses are the current trends in commercial landscaping today. Trendy designs will therefore look great and will infuse a modern touch throughout your business, both improving the perception of your business by customers and allowing it to be more attractive. Beautiful and attractive views can affect the psychological well-being of an individual, causing feelings of happiness and bliss. The results for your business will make a positive impression on clients, clients and potential employees, allowing you to build trust and lasting relationships.

Glass building with green plants placed in front.

Increase safety and security

Along with making your property look great with landscaping, it is also essential to make sure that it is safe, secure, and healthy. Your visitors and employees will be protected from accidents by well-designed and regularly maintained landscaping.

On the one hand, hedges, trees and other overgrown foliage can obstruct pathways and create large blind spots that make turning difficult for passing motorists. If you keep these branches trimmed regularly, you can ensure a clear view of the surrounding roads and prevent falling branches injuring pedestrians or vehicles in the garage (this could also result in significant compensation costs).

While landscaping is usually associated with plants, trees, and flowers, lighting can also be one of them. Good lighting can serve as both a decorative and a functional element. When the mornings and evenings are barren during the winter months, excellent lighting along the paths and walkways will be vital.

According to one study, crime rates were lower in areas with more foliage. A well-planned landscaping project can also improve security and, therefore, deter intruders. In particular, landscaping can be used to block access to areas that must be kept inaccessible, such as ground floor windows and electrical boxes.

A building with a swimming pool and trees around it.

Increase staff morale

Today more than ever, employers are increasingly aware that providing a pleasant work atmosphere has a direct impact on employee morale and productivity. And while there are many factors that contribute to employee well-being, landscaping can play an important role.

More UK workers than ever are skipping their breaks to keep working, according to a recent study which found that up to 56% admit they never take a full lunch break. It can become a big deal for you if you don’t take breaks as it can lead to mental fatigue, more stress, and less fulfillment in your role.

Taking the time to design an inviting outdoor space that creates a positive atmosphere is a great way to motivate your employees to enjoy the fresh air, relax, and unwind. This allows them to maintain a better balance between work and leisure because they feel revitalized, alive and motivated when they resume their function.

Seeing plants or trees, even outside the window, can reduce stress, in addition to providing wellness benefits when enjoying the scenery outside. By increasing employee satisfaction and happiness, your organization will achieve better employee retention and progression.

Save money and time

Maintaining your commercial property can be greatly simplified and cost effective with the help of a landscaping company. Meet your needs, stay on budget, and determine how often each service needs to be performed using our personalized maintenance plans. Having such a plan allows you to focus on what is most important: building your business.

Professional landscaping not only gives you more free time, but also provides you with the best equipment in the industry that will keep your outdoors looking great. Plus, since the necessary hardware will be included in your package, you won’t have to invest in this item, saving you even more money.

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