Beijing extends work-from-home order as COVID-19 cases rise

Beijing extended orders for workers and students to stay home and ordered additional mass testing on Monday as COVID-19 cases rose again in the Chinese capital.

Many of the city’s residential compounds have restricted indoor and outdoor movement, though conditions remain far less severe than in Shanghai, where millions of citizens have been confined to varying degrees for two months.

Beijing on Monday reported an increase in the number of cases to 99, from a previous daily average of around 50.

In total, China reported 802 new cases on Monday, marking a steady decline interrupted only by small-scale, localized outbreaks. Despite this, the government has adhered to strict quarantine, lockdown and testing measures as part of its ‘zero-COVID’ approach, even as the outside world opens up.

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Shanghai reported that 480,000 people were still confined to their homes, while 1.59 million were allowed to move around their neighborhoods and 21.2 million were subject to lighter restrictions.

The reopening of transport links out of Shanghai has created an exodus of migrant workers and foreigners, desperate to escape shortages of food, medicine and basic necessities. Of those remaining, many were still limited to an hour of errand time, tasked with bringing home supplies for their entire building.

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