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WASHINGTON, September 1, 2022

WASHINGTON, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Verdant Microgrid, LLC, (“Verdant”), a leading clean energy developer, today announces the completion of its all-new energy storage microgrid at ThermalVac Technologies, Inc., a premier facility for brazing, heat treating and metal finishing headquartered in Orange, California.

Verdant’s latest microgrid goes live in California

This project deploys state-of-the-art energy storage technology in a demand reduction mode that will reduce the customer’s utility peak electricity consumption. The result is a reduction in the costs associated with the demand for the public service to the customer and significant cost savings.

Verdant collaborated with Eos Energy Enterprises of Edison, New JerseyStronghold Engineering, Inc. of Parris, CA and Gridswitch Asset Management Services of Moon, Pennsylvania deploy 4 containerized Znyth™ aqueous zinc energy storage batteries to provide approximately 500kW of energy storage for 4 hours per day. These USA-made batteries are fully recyclable and use earth-abundant non-conflict minerals in their construction and operation. The deployment of Eos batteries in California is backed by that state’s Autonomous Generation Incentive Program (“SGIP”) — a historic first for the technology.

“This exciting project is another great example of the evolution of the energy market in the United States,” said Robert Babcock, CEO of Verdant. “The customer benefits from advanced battery technology with reduced demand loads at their site, which also provides several hours of resilience in the event of a power outage. Eos’ batteries are made in America, are fully recyclable, non-flammable and offer a wide range of operating parameters that allow us to match customers’ complex load profile to minimize their demand charges, continued Babcock.

“Eos was pleased to provide primary energy storage equipment to Verdant for this project,” said William Mao, Commercial Director of Eos. He added: “This project also represents our first deployment of our energy storage systems under California SGIP program, and we look forward to many more similar projects with the Verdant team in the future.”

Verdant’s subsidiary, Gridswitch Asset Management Services, provided construction management services; coordinate the logistics and installation teams that implemented and commissioned the project. Gridswitch will also provide its GridCareSM long-term asset and operations management service to Verdant, including life-long performance guarantee support required by SGIP. “Gridswitch will ensure the performance and health of the ThermalVac battery installation through our state-of-the-art operations center outside of Pittsburgh,” said Paul Tobin, CEO of Gridswitch. “GridCareSM includes a full suite of remote monitoring and reporting and predictive maintenance tools that will provide Verdant and other project stakeholders with real-time information on system health and efficiency. »

About Verdant
Verdant Microgrid, LLC was founded in 2019 by energy industry experts who have deployed and operated over 30 gigawatts of clean power generation over the past 30 years. Formed primarily to address the commercial and industrial market, Verdant develops, builds, owns and operates microgrids ranging from 500 kilowatts to 50 megawatts using solar power, energy storage, advanced cogeneration and others. clean technologies as a unified on-site energy source.

About Gridswitch Asset Management Services
GridSwitch provides turnkey design, development and long-term operation services for microgrids and other renewable energy generation assets throughout the engineering, procurement, construction phases and operating a microgrid development. Founded in June 2021 and based at PittsburghGridSwitch partners with specialist developers such as Verdant Microgrid and financial owners of renewable energy assets looking for a centralized and standardized way to manage and optimize the productivity and performance of their energy portfolio.

About Eos Energy Enterprises
Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. is accelerating the shift to clean energy with positively ingenious solutions that are transforming the way the world stores energy. Our revolutionary Znyth™ aqueous zinc battery was designed to overcome the limitations of conventional lithium-ion technology. Safe, scalable, efficient, durable, and made in the USA, it’s the heart of our innovative systems that provide utility, industrial, commercial, and residential customers today with a proven and reliable energy storage alternative. Eos was founded in 2008 and is based in Edison, New Jersey. For more information about Eos (NASDAQ: EOSE), visit

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