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SCHENECTADY — Demolition crews began hacking into the former Coyne Textile Building, an Erie Boulevard eyesore, on Friday.

Deteriorated beyond the point of easy reuse, the former commercial laundry was slated for removal earlier this year when the owner concluded it was worth more as land than as a structure.

The structure totaled 27,500 square feet, more than its small facade on Erie Boulevard would suggest. The building extends almost to Front Street and is considerably wider towards the rear.

Coyne closed over a decade ago, when the building was in much better shape but the neighborhood was significantly more seedy.

It was vacant and deteriorating while Mohawk Harbor was built on a brownfield site to the north, an old car wash was demolished and replaced with an apartment building to the north, and a former rail freight depot on the other side of the street has been replaced by a convenience store.

Erie Boulevard itself has been completely rebuilt and beautified in the meantime.

The Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority sees 1435 Erie as a key parcel in continuing redevelopment efforts, but it and commercial realtors have been unable to entice anyone to redevelop the site, which has some contamination. of the ground.

An LLC that held the property as an investment sold it at auction in 2018 for $103,000 to an upstate investor who also failed to market it and did not repaired roof leaks that degraded the structure.

Metroplex will contribute half the cost of demolition, up to $68,000,

The work is being done by Dan’s Hauling & Demo, which started on the Front Street side of the building Friday morning. The team will progress through the structure and expects it to be leveled to Erie Boulevard within the next two weeks.

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