Airport, library, beach – will be the focus of the upcoming Flagler County Commission meeting

By: Julie Murphy, MPIO

January 14, 2022 – Updates from some of the largest projects underway in Flagler County will be the focus of two upcoming workshops for the County Board of Commissioners.

“Presentations and discussions of these projects would be unwieldy in a regular meeting,” County Administrator Heidi Petito said. “They are of the size, scope and importance that they deserve a larger, dedicated window of time to discuss them.”

The first of these workshops, scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on January 24, features two items on the public notice: an update on projects at Flagler Executive Airport and a discussion on the transformation of the library’s future administrative headquarters/ Bunnell branch into a joint-use facility.

“I will brief the stewards on all airport plans for the coming year as we may change gears,” said airport manager Roy Sieger. “Tender proposals for the T-hangars have been higher than the cost estimate, which could delay other projects. It’s a fluid situation – I’m working on other funding opportunities – but some timelines may change. I will also report on the five-year results of capital improvement projects. »

The potential construction of a 32,000 square foot facility to house the public library’s administrative headquarters and Bunnell branch, as well as health and social services, and a large conference/community center may cause a shock to labels of price. Recent increases in construction costs have pegged today’s estimate at $14 million. It can be reduced further with the implementation of construction management at risk (CMAR), direct purchases from the owner and the execution of site works in-house.

“We are looking at ways to reduce or offset these costs,” said Holly Albanese, library director. “The conference center/community center part has great potential to be used for library programs, communal meals, disaster recovery, accommodation and food for employees and first responders, and as an electoral district. It also has the potential to create a revenue stream from things like conferences and weddings to offset operational costs.

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The second workshop, scheduled for 1 p.m. on February 7, will be an update and discussion on the beach management plan. It will provide an update of the beach management study which has been ongoing since May 2021.

“There will be a review of existing conditions prior to northeast November 2021 and a review of historical conditions,” said County Engineer Faith Alkhatib. “We will also discuss the project approach, its physical, environmental and regulatory constraints. Other topics will include: sand source options; implementation considerations; the probable cost of construction; and funding considerations.

Flagler County’s meetings and workshops are posted on its web page and can be found in the lower right corner.

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