A foster home for girls is about to open in South Dallas

The vision of a residential home for girls who have experienced trauma is nearly complete. This will be a first in South Dallas.

A home is transformed so that lives can be transformed.

It’s Renee White’s vision, and it’s called Eden’s Place.

“And it’s a beautiful thing to see what’s on your head come to life. It’s beautiful,” she said.

Volunteers help transform the South Dallas home into a beautiful place for young women who have endured difficult times in life.

“We serve girls ages 13 to 17 who have been through very traumatic situations ranging from physical abuse to emotional abuse and sex trafficking,” White said. “I knew there was a young woman like me who had been through something and needed help.”

White began her journey by using what she had to build her vision.

It’s a vision that Waxahachie Lowe’s store manager, Sam Gonzalez, saw and embraced.

“We are happy to help in any way we can be part of the community, he said. “In every possible way, it’s still great.”

White was featured in Shaun Rabb’s Here & Now segment, and viewers responded.

“We had an outrageous response from the community everywhere,” she said. “Volunteers came out to paint this beautiful 7,400 square foot facility. We had about eight volunteers from fraternities and sororities to ordinary senior citizens who watched our story and said, ‘I want to get involved.'”

“It’s a great project. We heard about it in the news, actually,” said Sam Kang of the Charles Schwab Community Ambassador Program. “And when she called for help and assistance, our Schwab volunteers were ready to help, to stand up and really help with anything.”

More support is in place for opening doors.

“We are supporting them with resources to help once they are open to support the girls as well as the organization as a whole,” said Pearl Rivers of The Potter’s House.

But furniture, beds, dishes and computers are still needed to make Eden’s Place a home of hope and more.

“It’s more than a house of hope,” White said. “It is a home of love, serenity and peace, a place where these young girls know they are safe and can rebuild their lives.”

Construction is almost complete now. It must be finished.

White hopes the community will answer the call and hopes to open in the coming months.

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