$17.6 million apartment in Hyde Park’s tallest residential building

London is full of spectacular properties and, following the lifting of all UK travel rules, it is now much easier for travelers to come and see them.

Nationals The string of luxury properties in London serve to whet the appetite of buyers, and this month’s featured property is a sight for “flying” eyes.

The key details

11.02 is the show apartment of The Bryanston, a new development of 54 luxury residences overlooking Hyde Park in London.

The three-bedroom, 2,923-square-foot apartment sits on the 11th floor of the tallest residential building overlooking central London park, giving residents stunning views through curved windows that run the length of the building. the apartment.

What is the story

Award-winning interior design firm David Collins Studio designed the apartment with guest curation from design editor Nick Vinson of Vinson&Co. The lobby and hallway set the tone with a Wedgwood Jasperware-inspired floral artwork that unfurls down the 10-meter-long hallway.


From the kitchen, residents can look out across paths through Hyde Park and beyond to Kensington.

Responding to the surroundings, the dining and living areas feature a palette of yellows, silvers and golds, and the large dining table is crafted by Sebastian Cox from a felled London plane tree sourced from a local park.

Other striking pieces include the custom designed klismos dining chairs, lacquered in yellow and upholstered in soft yellow mohair by designer Bruno Triplet.

The master bedroom was upholstered in Loro Piana’s Shaded Cloud cashmere fabric, along with the bedroom furniture and curtains. Couture embroiderer Geraldine Larkin was also commissioned to create a unique applique artwork featuring three shades of Loro Piana cashmere wool for the bedroom.

The second and third bedrooms are colored in teal and indigo blues respectively

Design highlights in the second bedroom include a custom designed bed with a teal velvet headboard, which extends to the ceiling, still lifes commissioned by London artists Jessica Rose Bird and emerging talent Sam Wood and a brutalist iron wall mirror from the 1950s.

In the third bedroom, the walls are upholstered in indigo raw silk and the white beech wood bed creates a focal point for the room.

Hyde Park offers many recreational options for residents of The Bryanston.  Pennsylvania

What the broker says

What sets the property apart from the crowd?

The Bryanston, a project designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinoly, occupies a commanding position at the edge of the park with stunning panoramic views of Hyde Park.

Featuring an 18-storey curved tower and large panoramic windows, the apartments have been specially designed to maximize the views, overlooking 142 hectares of protected historic parkland in the heart of the city.

This feature is one of the most outstanding qualities of the Bryanston and is quite unique from what is currently available on the market.

Are there similar houses in London?

There’s nothing quite like The Bryanston available in London right now. The tower is London’s tallest residential building directly overlooking Hyde Park, making the property unique and unrivaled in terms of 360º views and West End positioning.

Exterior of The Bryanston, Hyde Park.  Photo: Jason Hawkes

What type of buyer would the property be best suited to?

Park views naturally command a premium, and for many global buyers, there’s nothing more exclusive than an uninterrupted view of a royal park. In Knight Frank’s latest global buyer survey, 55% of respondents said nature views factored into the type of property they would choose.

Anyone who appreciates exceptional design, panoramic views and top-notch amenities will instantly feel an affinity with The Bryanston.

Why is now a good time to buy in London?

The pandemic has not altered London’s status as a global safe haven, and the city remains a great place to invest. The demand for property in the capital is growing. The number of offers accepted in February was 99% above the five-year average, underscoring the strength of the sales pipeline in the capital. Supply is gradually picking up but struggling to keep pace, meaning those buying now will be in a very strong position.

Rupert des Forges, Prime Central London Development Manager, Knight Frank

Updated: March 22, 2022, 05:34

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