15 Building Apartment and Commercial Complex Planned in Benner Township

A 15 building development with apartments and commercial space is proposed for 15.7 acres of land at the terminus of High Tech Road in Benner Township. Photo of Geoff Rushton | StateCollege.com

A developer has proposed a 15-building complex with apartments and retail space near University Park Airport in Benner Township.

Center County Subdivision and Development Planner Christopher Schnure presented a brief overview of the preliminary land development plan for The Cascade, which would be located at the end of High Tech Drive, at the council meeting. commissioners on Tuesday morning.

Commissioners agreed to move to next week’s consent agenda a memorandum of understanding between the developer, township and county for the developer to reimburse technical review and inspection fees. The land use plan was on the agenda for the Center County Planning Commission meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday

The development in the planned airport district would include 148 residential units and 74 non-residential units, as well as 552 parking spaces, an internal road network and corresponding utility and stormwater infrastructure on the 15.7 acres, according to plans submitted by Project Engineer Buchart. Horn on behalf of The Cascade developer, Asif Khatri, owner of AAA State College Storage & Warehousing, LLC.

Plans show retail on the first floor and four to seven apartments on the second and third floors of each building.

“In the Benner Township zoning ordinance, it’s in the industrial zoning district and it allows this type of mixed use as long as the…ground floor has commercial or industrial uses, then the upper floors are for residential use,” Schnure said.

The property’s elevation drops from High Tech Road, so the buildings cascade down, giving the development its name, Schnure said.

The property is located in the area of ​​the township investigated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), man-made “eternal chemicals” that have contaminated groundwater and subsequently water supply from local wells.

The DEP said there are no regulations prohibiting land development in the survey area, Schnure said, but developers of The Cascade and other projects have been encouraged to work with the agency to conduct testing. on the site.

The DEP also recommended that property owners with an on-site water well hook up to public water systems if they are able to do so. The Cascade developer has previously worked with the State College Borough Water Authority to supply water to the site, Schnure said.

Commissioners also reviewed a final land use plan for Greater Buffalo Run Valley United Methodist Church, which will be located on Buffalo Run Road near the intersection with Armagast Road, also in Benner Township.

Plans submitted by PennTerra Engineering show a 5,010 square foot church and related infrastructure on the property approximately half a mile from Rock Road. The site is just outside the PFAS study area but will have a private well, and Schnure said project engineers have also been notified of contamination detected nearby.

The commissioners moved a memorandum of understanding for the engineering costs for the church plan to next week’s agenda and the land use plan was also on the agenda for the county planning commission on Tuesday night.

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